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The Music & Movies Webring - This webring promotes movies, films and music.

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The Music & Movies Webring

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This webring promotes movies, films and music.

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   Nowhere @ All Preview Go
This huge site featuring many examples of Brian Matthew Kessler's diverse creations and thoughts. Also, information pertaining to his identity and the details of his life. Come. Sit down. Relax. Have a cup of tea. Read a bit of philsophy, short fiction, poetry. Admire the art on the walls. Not least, there are links to many other cool websites.
   Darinfans.com Preview Go
The site by fans of Bobby Darin for fans of Bobby Darin.
   Roy C. Peterson Movie Reviews Preview Go
In 2009, actor-writer Roy C. Peterson a judge for the Las Vegas International Film Festival. At that time, he began writing the two hundred thirty eight short reviews that appear in this volume. None contain spoilers, and there is a photo for each. On the IMDb site all of the films reviewed here are linked to this site from the "External Reviews" section.

   Especially Good Movies Preview Go
Seriously good movies in the humble opinion of actor / writer Roy C Peterson. There are three sections. First is Drama. Second is Legend / Myth / Heroic Quest / Science Fiction. Third is Heavy Action / Martial Arts. Links to a page with 10 short petitions for a better world.
   Heroic Destiny Productions Preview Go
Novels and screenplays. Thrilling dramas based upon uncompromising reality and, whenever possible, teaching the necessity of absolute individual Liberty and unimpeded free enterprise in the attainment of world prosperity and peace.
   Revenge of the Sith: Metaphors of War Preview Go
"In order to ensure the security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganized into the First Galactic Empire! For a safe and secure society!" - Emperor Palpatine, proclaiming himself emperor.
   Megan Swaine at the Lilith eZine Preview Go
Staff writer for the Lilith eZine talks shop about "The Future of Mobile Gaming" and "City Sidewalks, Cyber Sidewalks". The writer is also an actress, having starred in 2005's "Nuclear Winter", a post-9/11 satire/love story about doomsday paranoia.
   Sex, Sadness & the City Preview Go
"Women who make their own money don't have to depend on a man, and they don't have to settle... The women of ‘Sex and the City’ sleep with whomever they want, max out their credit cards and never have to worry about play-dates or carpools. And they know their married friends aren't having any fun at all."
   Little Mosque on the Prairie Preview Go
Muslim comedy takes Canada and the USA by storm. Show defuses hate with humor.
   The Lilith Gallery Network Webrings Preview Go
Promote your site for free in LGN Webrings.

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