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elvenrealities - Is your site for, by, and about elves? Is it a well thought-out site about things musical, magical, or mythical? If so,

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Is your site for, by, and about elves? Is it a well thought-out site about things musical, magical, or mythical? If so, it may be the kind of site for this webring. Not an RPG ring. Absolutely no web stores.

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   H E A T - The Human Elf Association for Truth! Preview Go
I am undertaking a dangerous mission: I want humans to know that they are not alone on the top of the food chain. Yes, elves are the other humanoid meat, and their helfan (half elf/half human) offspring have suffered far too long under the delusion that they are insane. We are NOT insane, just incredibly gift, and a wee bit short. Join me in promoting human-elf friendship, and you too can declare, "I am in HEAT!"
   Elven Realities Preview Go
Why would anyone want to think they are an elf? Well....escapism aside, some people cannot seem to shake the feeling that they are "elves"....For myself it is a useful descriptive term that may not be totally accurate, but it conveys the "feel" of my beliefs reasonably well.
   Eyovah's Dragon Den Preview Go
Eyovah's work with magic, energies, reiki, dragons, and other subjects of interest.

   Yllirien Preview Go
Welcome to Yllirien, land of the singing trees.
   Synesthesia Symbiosis Preview Go
This site is a compilation of the weirdness that is my life.
   The Silver Moon-Wolf Clan Preview Go
This is a site built by 12 close friends that has taken almost 10 years to bring together. Here you will learn all about Moon Elves (the Syluntrii) and abit about the clan as well. If your heart is of the purest silver and you have a wolf howl in your voice, then you may have Syluntrii in your blood.
   Listari Gate Preview Go
Intro, discussions, memories, etc., by Listari.
   The Waystrands Preview Go
What are the Waystrands? They are the ways between -- the strands of connection that can be danced and followed and walked but never held, the sentience underlying the interactons and Webs between all matter and energies and realms - the sentience of symbiosis. The search goes on for a way to find the Waystrands and to Travel between realms...
   Rialian's Realm Preview 1 review(s) — Go
This is a historic archive of elven paths as they've evolved since 1995.
   The Elven Portal Preview Go
An Elven (otherkin) site of memories, thoughts, ponderings, some artwork, links, etc.

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