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Amateur Radio Direction Finding - This Btuner web ring is for Amateur Radio Direction Finding and Fox Hunting Web sites. The sites within this ring h

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Amateur Radio Direction Finding

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This Btuner web ring is for Amateur Radio Direction Finding and Fox Hunting Web sites. The sites within this ring have information about Hams tracking radio transmitters for fun and to 'self police' the Amateur Radio bands.


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stories of the hunts in the Lansing Michigan area
   Hidden Transmitter Hunting Preview Go
Information for T-Hunters
   PicCon Hidden Transmitter Controller Preview Go
Information about PicCon Hidden Transmitter Controller.

   Transmitter Hunting in the San Francisco Bay Area. Preview Go
Transmitter hunting, radio direction finding in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bi-Monthly update of our t-hunts, with stories and photographs. How-to foxhunt section and what equipment to use. Includes a calender of scheduled hunts.
   USA Radio Orienteering Group Preview Go
USA-ROG has information about Radio Orienteering in a Compact Area "ROCA", which is a Technical Class ARDF event. Equipment plans for transmitters and antennas. Rules and Procedures for ROCA. Descriptions and graphics for ARDF and ROCA events. Schedule of events in San Francisco Bay Area USA.
   History of the Urunga Radio Convention Preview Go
An Historic account of the old days at Urunga up to today, of the "Urunga Convention", from its start at the "DOO MEE" in 1949
   Utah Amateur Radio Club: RDF page Preview Go
Utah Amateur Radio Club RDF site: RDF projects and info., information about Montreal Doppler DF units, etc.
   ARDF: Transmitter Hunting - VE3WGX Preview Go
A general overview of ARDF (transmitter-hunting), with plans for a simple TDOA bowtie DF unit
   The N6QAB Radio Direction Finding Web Site Preview Go
Images and descriptions of Foxhunting, ARDF and Radio Direction Finding equipment
   Southern California T-Hunters. Preview Go
Amateur radio operators, who hunt and hide transmitters. We use direction-finding equipment to locate transmitters over many hundreds of miles or very few miles. We have the longest and hardest T-hunts in the country. QST magazine says that we have "The Mother-of-all-hunts"

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