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PBeM Games - We are a collection of Pbem games from all Genres. Dice games, sims, as long as your game is play by email, or you offer

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PBeM Games

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Manager: froggy1
We are a collection of Pbem games from all Genres. Dice games, sims, as long as your game is play by email, or you offer information for other play by email games to use, you're welcome to join!

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   Majestic Magic Campaign homepage Preview Go
A Rolemaster PBeM for mid-level characters set on Daritopia, a world of the gamemaster's creation.
   Majestic Murders Preview Go
It’s May 1912 and the sinking of the Titanic is still to the forefront of everyone’s mind as they board her replacement, the RMS Majestic. The air is tense as each passenger prepares to enjoy this voyage as if it is their last . . . as it could very well be. There is a serial killer on board!
   Diplomiscellany Preview Go
A compendium of Diplomacy related information, including, among other things, the Model House Rules for Non-Judge E-Mail Diplomacy, the home pages for the Mandate of Heaven, Maharajah's Diplomacy and Western World 901 Variants, articles on general game strategy and philosophy, and links to some of the best resources and communities in the Hobby.

   Children Of Sirius Preview Go
This is a PG-13 RPG set after Chronicles of Sirius, on one of Sirius's sister planets, Lacerta. It is after the Demon Lord has been defeated by Queen Morvenna and the Heroes of Sirius, and when the Final Truth is revealed.
   The RPG academy Preview Go
This site is dedicated to showing newbees to the Star Trek PBeM RPG world how it's done! It also includes all the information, links and advice you could ever need in this kind of rpging - or starting your own rpg.
   Mortality Lost Preview Go
Mortality Lost is an RPG based on L.J.Smith's Night World series. We have drifted back through time to Tudor England. There at Thornwood Palace Killian Redfern has established his own enclave where the Night People live in safety and the humans in fear. No need to have read the books if you can follow the information on the website. Characters include vampires, humans, witches,
   L'Odyssee d'Ishtar Preview Go
jeu de rôle par email et en français ou vous incarnez un aventurier (bon ou mauvais) à la recherche d'une elfe au lourd passé. Saurez vous déjouer les pièges et les monstres dans cette course contre les autres joueurs ?

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