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The Pagan's Path - The Pagan's Path ring is for sites for and about Paganism in all its forms, including Wicca, Witchcraft, polytheistic re

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The Pagan's Path

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The Pagan's Path ring is for sites for and about Paganism in all its forms, including Wicca, Witchcraft, polytheistic religions of various traditions, Shamanism, nature religion, and pantheistic spirituality.

If your site is pagan in its essence, you are welcome to this ring! It is okay if your pagan site additionally features some Magick, Reiki, Astrology, New Age, Divination, or is commercial.


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   Myth Preview Go
Mythology -- worldwide. Including numerous texts not elsewhere available on the free internet.
   Antient Texts Preview Go
antient texts relating to all aspects of the occult and pagan theology.
   Transdisciplinary Comparative Studies Preview Go
Information, thoughts and discussion on philosophy, life philosophy, magick and magickal theory - Ancient and Modern Philosophies, Hellenic, Roman Pagan, and Liberal Pagans. Comparative tables of mythology etc. drawn from diverse sources.

   Projections into the Astral Preview Go
A person blog with entries laying out my methods and experiences projecting into the astral.
   Shades of Midnight, Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry Preview Go
Shades of Midnight is an online shop that offers a unique variety of handmade sterling silver and gemstone jewelry, pendulums, tumbled gemstones and crystals, and many different herbal products. We are the exclusive online retailer of the Dragonstone Herbals product line and also carry a variety of other beautiful handmade items.
   Hildolf Vanirssons Webpage Preview Go
My personal webpage is a resouce page helping those curious about Heathenry/Asatru with personal insites, background, pictures, eddic poetry to help those new to heathenry and the curious as well as providing links to sites with more information in specific fields/topics and interest.
   A Heathen Mardis Gras (on the Almond Jar) Preview Go
What's a little frostbite between friends? If you're living in or coming to Chicago, come join my happy, heathen krewe in the making. (Plus, a discussion of some of the Pagan roots of Mardis Gras, in case you are at all interested in such things). This page is rated "mature"; pornfree, nothing all that immoral, probably suitable for reading by adolescents, but not
   Wheel of the Year - Pagan Holidays Preview Go
A site for Wiccans, Witches, eclectic Pagans or anyone who wants to to become more attuned to the cycles of nature. Sabbat traditions and lore, rituals, spells, decorating, gifts, recipes, music, Pagan greeting cards and an extensive & descriptive list of books to inspire you. Home of the Pagan Holidays webring.
   Joyous Yule! Celebrating the Winter Solstice Preview Go
Yuletide cheer and magickal light in the midst of winter. Traditions, spells, decorating, music, gifts, recipes, books, Pagan greeting cards and links. Home of the Pagan Holiday Ring.
   Lynda Stevens's Home Page Preview Go
My site features my artwork of mixed-media abstract compositions as well as samples and texts from my tarot card designs, goth reviews/interviews with my 'bedtime stories.' Finally, there are essays and book reviews at my astrology section, at 'Confessions of a Lapsed Astrologer.'

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