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Boundaries of Science - Boundaries of Science webring is for web sites exploring the boundaries of science. This means that the scientific metho

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Boundaries of Science

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Boundaries of Science webring is for web sites exploring the boundaries of science. This means that the scientific method is believed and practiced but applications are more imaginative than those taught in school. We won't have a fit if you mention Cold Fusion, Aether, Faster than Light, or New Theories, but we do expect ideas to be well thought out and claims to have scientifically testable predictions or actual test results.

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   The Geometry of Special Relativity Preview Go
Learn Einstein Special and General Relativity mathematics cosmology physics history and philosophy using Macintosh (Mac) Relativity Calculator software.
   Transdisciplinary Comparative Studies Preview Go
Boundaries of science with metaphysics and anthropology. Expository and comparative descriptions of interrelations between physics, ontologies, epistemologies, psychologies, cosmologies, and theologies; including ancient and primitive ideologies. Amply referenced.
   Protoscience Wiki Preview Go
The Protoscience Wiki is a place where you can explore the boundaries of science and the creation of new sciences. Feel free to contribute to this collaborative effort. Protosciences are areas of scientific endeavor in the process of becoming established. Protoscience is often speculative, but it is to be distinguished from pseudoscience by its adherence to the scientific method.

   Predict 2012 Preview Go
Predictions of 2012, and the end of the world. Why will it end, what if it doesn't? Will we survive?
   Duncan's Science Site Preview Go
A WSM (Wave Structure of Matter) Site. . FREE Science e-books and software. . No pop up ads with these either. . Twenty-One pages of EVERYTHING.
   SpecTech Database Preview Go
SpecTech is short for Speculative Technology -- the technology of the future. Technology that may exist ten years or ten centuries from now, as imagined by scientists, engineers, authors, and artists alike. This site is dedicated to collecting and cataloging speculative technology ideas, from Interstellar Flight to Future Weaponry to Megastructures...and beyond...
   The Science of Spirituality Preview Go
This is a technical outline of a spiritual philosophy of science based on a five-dimensional vortex theory. It demonstrates the scientific or objective reality of our life as a spiritual journey. The birth of an atom, a thought or idea, a human baby or a star, all follow the same hidden energy pattern.
   A New Physics for a New Millennium Preview Go
New Theory based on Einstein ideas about matter. Origin of mass. Definition of material particles. Nuclear forces defined and measured in agreement with experimental data. The elementary act of radiation. Mass of neutrino, missing neutrinos. Explanation of the spin. Why the speeed of light is the limit speed for matter.
   Universal Relativity Preview Go
Theory of Everything. Shrinking Theory of the universe and Universal Relativity. The consequences of the relativity of the speed of light and the relativity of : speed, distance, size, mass, time, etc. Putting Einstein's theories back into question.
   Mad191 Home Page Preview Go
Informations about AntiGravity and Searl Effect Generator

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